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We focus on reliable, modern and high performance custom websites, mobile applications and server solutions. In addition to putting emphasis on code quality, we follow the best development process practices. Our greatest strength lies in:



As our client you are becoming a part of the team since the beginning of development. We are providing simple tools for you, so you will always know what is currently being worked on and what work is still waiting to be completed.



We value your time, so we start development immediately after signing an agreement. In addition, a testing environment with your website or application will be prepared for you, so you can test and view project it at any time that suits you.



We follow modern trends in the field of development technologies and make sure to use appropriate modern tools for your project. Simultaneously, we dedicate our time to testing and creating automated tests that verify the update doesn’t break existing functionality.

Our solutions

We develop solutions that reflects exactly your needs. Based on multiple meetings in person and online we can help digitize your ideas, processes and services into software.

Development with us is alwas transparent. You receive aceess to our internal planning system that enables you tu see what is happening with your project and to participate in project planning. We can provide environments tailored to your project for testing and preview - in some cases even for production - all that thanks to your own datacentre.


Take a look at few of our last projects.


This application helps with cost prices and other services for businessmen. Backend is written as microservices in Java with help of Kafka and Eureka server. Web and mobile application communicates by Rest API.

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Microservice containerized backend that in short span of time collects big data and processes them for presentation in mobile and web application.

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Mobile application written in Flutter. Tappi is NFC business card manager. Tappi's biggest challenge was to modify NFC on Apple devices for reliable write and read.

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Technology stack

We constantly learn new trends and technologies in IT and after careful consideration we implement them into our products so each client can make use of them. One of our foundations is quality products and the use of proven and secure tools and practices. Our goal is a satisfied client and his target customers.

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Angular Angular
BitBucket BitBucket
Docker Docker
Figma Figma
Firebase Firebase
Java Java
React React
Cloud Cloud
Jenkins (CI/CD) Jenkins (CI/CD)

About us

We are here from initial consultations and designs through development to support and maintenance. We know how to develop multiplatform mobile applications, web applications, complex websites and server applications with use of artificial intelligence and other tools to cover client's needs.

We strongly believe that clear communication is foundation of every successfull project, which is reason why client is always in first place. Client gets access to our planning system to observe current project state and can even participate in project planning. We organize presentations with current project state, demo preview and schedule preview of future works.

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