About us

CoreApp Technologies s.r.o. was founded by a few enthusiastic developers. Besides providing premium quality development services, our goal is to provide an above-standard client service in the field of project management and software testing

We have experience with different types of projects. Starting from mobile applications for a bank ending with digitalization of industrial production lines. We work for clients of different sizes in diverse fields of work. We are able to create a custom website, information system or application for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our clients

We have experience in development for companies of different sizes with various specialities. We deliver to our clients complete development services including development of websites, information systems, mobile and web applications and even complex server systems. 

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Reasons to cooperate
with us

We focus on reliable, modern and high performance custom websites, mobile applications and server solutions. In addition to putting emphasis on code quality, we follow the best development process practices. Our greatest strength lies in:



As our client you are becoming a part of the team since the beginning of development. We are providing simple tools for you, so you will always know what is currently being worked on and what work is still waiting to be completed.



We value your time, so we start development immediately after signing an agreement. In addition, a testing environment with your website or application will be prepared for you, so you can test and view project it at any time that suits you.



We follow modern trends in the field of development technologies and make sure to use appropriate modern tools for your project. Simultaneously, we dedicate our time to testing and creating automated tests that verify the update doesn’t break existing functionality.

About us

We are a group of enthusiastic developers who have been working together on various projects since college. Our interest in modern technologies made us offer our services to the public through the company we founded, CoreApp Technologies s.r.o.

Ing. Pavel Dohnalík

Executive, Server development